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Services Offered


  • Easy Approval
  • Affordable Bank Terms
  • 4 years to pay max term
  • Low Interest Rate
  • Requirements
  • Financing Requirements:
  1. BUSINESS Registration/Permits or Certificate of Employment with compensation
  2. 3 Months Latest Bank Statements or Proof of Remittances
  3. ITR with Financial Statement and Tax Identification Number (Husband & Wife)
  4. 2 valid ID‘s with Picture and 3 specimen signature (Husband & Wife)
  5. Residence Certificate and Proof of Billing
  6. Post dated Checks/Automatic Debit to Account

Trade-in (step by step)

  1. Select a unit from the showroom
  2. Bring your car for appraisal
  3. Choose your mode of purchase: Cash or Bank Finance
  4. Settle all Documents
  5. OR/CR, Deed of Sale, etc.
  6. Bring home your new car


  • Low consignment @11,500 onl
  • No monthl dues
  • Sell your car fast and safe
  • Let the experts do the selling for you

Auto Detailing

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The particulars, details and visuals shown herein are intended to give a general idea of the products and as such are not to be relied upon as statements of fact. While such particulars and details are based on present plans which have been prepared with utmost care and given in good faith, buyers are invited to verify their factual correctness and subsequent changes, if any. The contents herein are subject to change without prior notice and do not constitute part of an offer or contract.